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Our experts have thoughtfully curated workflow and training recommendations to address the specific needs of your organization. As a partner interested in your success, we will helping you achieve the highest standards of service, safety, and productivity, while keeping you compliant with local and federal regulations.


What's more, our customized approach ensures that your employees are getting one cohesive, on-brand message consistent with your corporate mission, helping to fortify your culture and ensure everyone is moving in the same direction towards the same goals.


Your partner in maximizing safety compliance across all the places you conduct business and serve your customers and audiences.


With more than 40 years of experience working with the nation’s top companies to simplify compliance and drive success, we deliver innovative online and in-person solutions to help businesses unlock their full potential.


  • Equip teams with essential knowledge and competencies to prevent costly errors and injuries

  • Engage and upskill staff to improve environmental safety and understanding

  • Check the box on local, state and federal requirements and ensure ongoing compliance

  • Reinforce positive behavior and a healthy, compliant culture


Recommended Safety Training and Development Regimen



State-of-the-Art Learning Delivery & Expertly Crafted, Custom Training Content


Combining the latest technology with up-to-the-minute compliance requirements and handcrafted content, TrainingToday will help you execute a powerful, engaging eLearning program that will drive measurable improvements in performance.


Through TrainingToday, you will have the ability to easily administer courses, track course status, and document participant progress. Managers can easily stay aware of employees’ training status and your organization will be able to demonstrate that important policies and procedures have been communicated and understood by all.

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TrainingToday is a leader in online employee training programs. From helping employees acquire new skills to assisting managers in meeitng their day-today challenges, we offer SCORM-compliant training across dozens of libraries to ensure with state and feceral regulations.

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When employee training is mandated by legislation, policy or regulation, it’s imperative that employers respond with a compliant learning program and completion documentation. Not only will this minimize the risk of non-compliance and resulting fines, but it will also help to improve conduct and ensure appropriate governance in your organization.

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The Workplace Safety training library includes everything you need to increase awareness of general safety practices and achieve workplace compliance with even the most compliacted regulations.

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This online safety training course will teach employees how to recognize fall safety hazards and identify when fall protection is needed, use basic fall protection systems, prevent objects from falling, inspect personal fall arrest systems, and rescue themselves and others from falls.



EHS Worklow Solution


We'll give your team the tools they need keep compliant and streamline workflow. EHS Hero is a fully customizable, cloud-based platforms that offers best-in-class tools, time-saving resources, federal and state regulatory analysis, and training assets. This one-stop dashboard saves your team time and costly research hours and equips them with the skills and knowledge they need to prevent accidents and injuries.

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With this one-stop solution, your managers can schedule OSHA safety meetings and manage work-related notes all from one program, conveniently accessed from a computer or mobile device to accommodate workers in the field. The training resources provided include full lesson plans, handouts, and quizzes.

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Creating and updating safety and environmental plans can be overwhelming, costly, and expose you to unnecessary risk. With the Plan Builder's preloaded templates, the ability to edit and customize materials, and a helpful document library, this tool will provide your team with the information they need to prepare important EHS documents quickly and accurately.

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We’ve done the research for you on policy topics as varied as Aerial Lifts, to Flammable Liquids, to Violence in the Workplace, so you can ensure your worksites are in compliance. This easy-to-use online tool enables you to quickly find and compare safety laws and regulations at a national and state level so you can quickly answer any question.

Other Learning and Talent Development Services

As your committed business partner, sharing a depth of knowledge of your operation and your objectives, we operate as an extension of your team through the execution of your L&D and compliance initiatives.


When you and your teams most need it.


Our team of experts are dedicated to offering the best information, education and advice when working conditions change. In no other time in recent memory, the way businesses act and work with the public has changed and future is constant moving target.


Our COVID-19 Solution Center offers our clients the most up-to-date information needed to navigate towards a new reality.


It includes:

  • Return to Work Information
  • New Good Housekeeping / Hygiene Course
  • Wellness Library

Powerful Workflow Solutions

"The team absolutely loves the tool and we are actively using the modules to solve HR problems on a regular basis."


Manny Gomez SHRM-SCP
Senior Human Resources Manager
SOLID Surface Care, Inc.


Safe, Consistent On-Boarding

"Our past on-boarding process consisted of outdated DVDS and lacked curriculum that would bring educational vlaue to the attendees. Having a solid learning system usch as EHS Hero in place during the process is essential and has brought value to the organization."


Steve Fischer, Corporate ESH Manager
Corporate EHS Manager
Herff Jones


Interactive eLearning Solutions

"We chose TrainingToday® as our partner because of the level of service, as well as the content. When we tested and looked at other products in the industry, BLR really took it to the next level and we knew that they were the right partner for our name to be associated with." 


Megan Beckman, PHR, SHRM-CP
Human Resources Business Development Manager
CBIZ Human Resources Outsourcing & Consulting

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