A Guide To Strengthening Leadership Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are a powerful force in our lives. Have you wondered how you can channel your emotions to increase self-awareness? Or, how you can utilize emotions to cultivate more meaningful relationships? Improving these areas starts with developing higher emotional intelligence. 


Download our complimentary guide to: 

  • develop a deeper understanding of the four dimensions of leadership emotional intelligence
  • learn helpful tips to implement the four dimensions into your daily work 
  • gain resources to further strengthen and improve emotional intelligence 


Want a sneak peak? Click on the image below to learn about the four key dimensions of LEQ! 

Develop Higher EQ Within Your Organization

The Leader Within Workshop

This highly practical and personal workshop teaches participants how to respond to and manage their emotions (and those of others) and, in doing so, become a positive, energizing force within their organization.

LEQ Assessment 

The LEQ/360 is a confidential, anonymous multi-rater assessment designed to help you determine your current emotional intelligence capabilities and create a relevant personal development plan.


Learn More About EQ Solutions

Leadership Coaching

Our coaching programs offer a personalized approach to develop higher emotional intelligence. You'll have an opporunity to create and execute a develop plan, receive consistent feedback, and have a sounding board for ideas.

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