The Leader Speaks Workshop

Great leaders make their voices heard. The Leader Speaks is a highly experiential workshop, designed to provide participants with the theory, application, practice, and feedback necessary to significantly accelerate their communication effectiveness.

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Effective communication is not simply another leadership competency. It is the very heart of leadership and permeates everything the leader does.

During The Leader Speaks Workshop, participants will learn how to use their natural leadership and communication talents to immediately have a positive impact on others in their organization and beyond. They will achieve this through access to thought-provoking lectures, experiential exercises, video case studies, and communication practicums. 


Watch this video to learn about The Leader Speaks Model. 



  • Inspire their constituents to take concerted action on vision and strategic objectives

  • Create an effective ongoing communication plan for their teams

  • Communicate more effectively in large groups, teams, and one-on-one situations

  • Craft written communications such as emails in a manner that gets attention and generates action

  • Increase their leadership power by weaving both organizational values and personal principles throughout communications

  • Overcome the natural anxieties and apprehensions associated with speaking in front of groups

  • Lead with a strong sense of clarity and purpose


  • A more engaged workforce

  • Better alignment around corporate objectives

  • Clearer and better understood values and vision



From emerging leaders to the executive team, The Leader Speaks is for anyone who is seeking to significantly improve their leadership communication skills. 


Two-day, one-day, and virtual sessions are available. 

Delivery Type

Classroom, conference, or virtual delivery. 


Workshop graduates have access to the Bluepoint Micro eLearning Program, a 16-week reinforcement program designed to maximize the effectiveness of the workshop and help participants make real, sustained change in their day-to-day behavior. 

Our Clients

We have partnered with organizations of all sizes and from various industries to develop and advance their leaders' communication skills. 

Expand your leaders' impact through the power of effective communication

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