Personal leadership 
for all
leadership levels

A good leader starts from within. Invest in your leaders' self-development, and they'll invest it back in your organization. 

Empower your leaders to develop themselves

Bluepoint's workshops are strategically designed to tap into developing your leaders' full potential. Each of our solutions allows your leaders to fully develop themselves and their unique needs, so they can develop the organization.

The Leader Within

Help leaders at all levels gain a deeper understanding of leadership emotional intelligence and tap into the power of emotions.

Building Resilience

Equips participants with skills and tools they can immediately use to build their own personal resilience and positively impact those around them

Leadership Presence

Provides the necessary skills, behaviors, and mindset to elevate leadership presence and ways to incorporate this presence into daily interactions.

Authenticity @ Work

Challenges participants to explore their definitions of authenticity, examine their own authentic selves, and find ways to be more authentic in their interactions with others.

Leadership Courage

 Explores what hinders courage inside organizations today and provides leaders with tools and approaches to lead with courage every day. 

Working Virtually

Designed to equip individuals with the key approaches and skills necessary to increase their effectiveness in working in a remote environment.

Creating a Distinctive Leadership Brand

Designed to let participants have opportunities to study and reflect upon their leadership brand and identify ways to enhance this brand. 

EQ: Understanding Myself & Connecting with Others

Designed to help participants examine their level of emotional intelligence and how it impacts their effectiveness at work

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Incorporate a mix of learning opportunities 

Individualized coaching

Our one-on-one coaching experiences pair clients with skilled industry coaches, to solve their personal and unique leadership development needs.  

Relevant assessments

Our research backed assessments help your leaders better understand themselves and their specific needs for improvement.

Each assessment aids in documenting and providing  reliable and valuable feedback, knowledge, skills and attitudes to gain a stronger clarity into oneself.ip development .

Micro eLearning

Post workshop support allows for real sustainable behavioral change. Our micro eLearning programs cover a range of topics and include a combination of:

  • short focused videos
  • relevant written, visual, and audio content 
  • quizes and assignments for reinforcement

Custom programs 

Tailored solutions allow for meeting each leader's unique needs by choosing the components that work best for them. Partner with us to find the perfect blend of learning and development opportunities for your leaders. 

  • coaching 
  • assessments
  • eLearning
  • workshops

Our clients

We have partnered with organizations of all sizes and from various industries to elevate leadership effectiveness and impact. 

Client testimonials

“The Bluepoint approach focuses on the individual leader and helps them to grow and develop. It does not suggest a template for the ideal leader and make people conform to that image. This core belief separated Bluepoint from other firms we were considering.”

Neil Bryant I VP, Leadership and Sales Development, Americas, Carestream 

“Bluepoint has the ability to create something that is interactive, encourages engagement, and helped us look forward and further than before.”

Nick Bizic I Director of Global Career Management, ABS

“Bluepoint has a unique blend of programs available, yet, they scope and deliver work that is meaningful and relevant to Yamaha’s particular business situation and learning maturity. The team members of Bluepoint are all exceptional.”

Charlene Miller I HR Manager, Yamaha

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