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Virtual Leadership Development Workshop Series

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Leadership Development that Transforms Learning into Action


Bluepoint Leadership Development is here to help.  From leadership workshops to multiple coaching options to timesaving training products, Bluepoint educates, trains, and coaches leaders to use their natural talents to dramatically accelerate their personal and professional development.  Click below to learn more and get registered for one of our virtual leadership workshops.

As with most great achievements, standout leadership is not built in a day. To see a measurable lift in leadership effectiveness, it takes continuous reinforcement and a commitment to maintaining a workplace culture that values coach-like conversations, productive communication, and inclusivity.


If your organization is looking for a program that will elevate leadership talent, or if you want to take personal accountability for growing your leadership skillset, Bluepoint’s Virtual Leadership Workshop Series will lay the groundwork for success.



Our Upcoming Workshops Include:

  • Building Resilience

Building Resilience 

Thursday, March 11, 2021

1pm - 3pm ET


During times of adversity and disruption, building our own personal resilience is critical if we are to thrive despite the challenges we face. Resilient individuals tend to be high performers who are better equipped to handle change and bounce back from setbacks stronger than ever. Building Resilience reveals what these individuals do differently and equips participants with skills and tools they can immediately use to build their own personal resilience and positively impact those around them. As part of this experiential workshop, participants explore key areas of resilience including growth mindset, self-compassion, optimism, and innovation. Participants will also complete a self-assessment to identify current strengths and opportunities for growth and development.

Impact & Influence

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

1pm - 3pm ET


This practical, hands-on workshop provides participants with the opportunity to explore ways in which they can substantially increase their interpersonal effectiveness at all organizational levels. Participants will gain a stronger sense of self-awareness, gain clarity on what matters most to them in work and life and increase their ability to make profound, influential connections with others.


Diversity & Inclusion

Thursday, May 6, 2021

1pm - 3pm ET


There is a saying that, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” However, when it comes to race, gender, and other aspects of diversity, some boats rise with the tide, some struggle to stay above water and others run aground. At the core of inclusion and diversity is the concept that certain groups of people are included, and others are not. For those who are included, history, policies and practices are on their side. For those who are the “others” or do not fit the norms, they must adjust or suppress their core qualities to be accepted.

Leading High Performance Teams

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

1pm - 3pm ET


While working remotely is rapidly becoming the norm, this new reality presents challenges for leaders who are used to working face-to-face with their teams and colleagues. In order to ensure high levels of engagement, alignment and productivity, leaders will need to be more intentional about the way they lead. Leading the Remote Team is designed to equip leaders with the key approaches and skills necessary to increase their leadership effectiveness in five key dimensions: Accountability, Community, Communication, Collaboration and Coaching—skills that are not only vital for leading remote teams, but are critical for all leaders.

Powerful Coaching Conversations

Thursday, July 8, 2021

1pm - 4pm ET


The workshop equips individual contributors, frontline managers, and early-stage leaders with skills and approaches they can use to have a significant influence on the performance, learning, and careers of others.

Leading Change

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

1pm - 4pm ET


Change has become a pervasive element of organizational life, and the capability of effectively navigating change will distinguish the great leaders of the future. During this practical, hands-on workshop, participants gain a deeper appreciation of the change process and why some people appear to resist change, along with a better understanding of the leader’s critical role in making the change process an ultimately positive experience for themselves and the members of their team. Participants explore the powerful Leading Change Model and its three major leadership practices: Create Direction, Accelerate Mastery and Coach Others. Also, participants will identify the most important business and organizational changes they are facing and focus on developing the skills, approaches, and habits that will have the most immediate and significant impact on these changes.



A Group of Your Peers

Due to high-demand, we limit the capacity of our complimentary workshops and hand-select attendees to ensure you are surrounded by like-minded leaders. This fosters more productive conversations around leadership challenges.

State-of-the-Art Platform

Bluepoint Leadership leverages powerful technology for our virtual workshops so you have a smooth, secure, engaging workshop experience. Breakout rooms and whiteboarding capabilities are utilized for more effective learning.

Interactive Conversations

Unlike a stagnant webinar, Bluepoint workshops encourage attendees to communicate in smaller breakout groups. This ensures the takeaways are specific to your needs, and helps you develop meaningful connections with other participants.

Return on Time Invested

While we understand two hours is a lot to ask from your busy schedule, we are confident your commitment will pay dividends. It allows you to develop a deep understanding of the style and quality of Bluepoint instruction so you can feel confident in your decision to bring this solution to your company.


Participant Video

For the comfort of our attendees, cameras will not be used during this workshop, though attendes are expected to actively participate in the conversation.

Cliché Content

Leadership development is not a trend to us; we are passionate about its importance and have invested years in crafting our approach. We have our programming down to a science, leveraging a winning combination of thoughtful delivery and proven best practices to drive measurable improvement in leadership effectiveness.

A Talking Head

Each one of our workshops is presented live by a trained facilitator who has experience supporting the development initiatives of top global brands.