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Develop your leaders to be catalyst for high performance and career acceleration of their team members.


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Coaching has become an essential competency for all leaders. Equip your leaders, from the front-line to the executive suite, with immediately-usable coaching skills. These are not your run-of-the-mill lecture and roleplay-based workshops. These are challenging, thought-provoking development programs in which participants not only learn how to coach, but more importantly, how to be a coach.  

Leader as Coach

This practical, highly-experiential workshop is designed to help managers and leaders excel at coaching others for high performance.

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The Powerful Coaching Conversation

This hands-on training experience is designed for leaders seeking to become more coach-like in all of their interactions. 

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Executive Leader as Coach

This intense one-day development program is designed for executives and senior managers who wish to establish a culture of coaching. 

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We have partnered with organizations of all sizes and from various industries to elevate their leaders' ability to coaching and develop others. 


We help create superior leaders by challenging clients to identify ways they can increase their personal leadership impact and take immediate action to positively affect themselves and those around them. 

Executive Leadership Coaching

This program extends far beyond simply providing leadership tips and advice; we challenge our clients to do a deep self-examination, consider multiple sources of feedback, adopt high-impact leadership practices and make the personal changes necessary to step up to a whole new level of performance as a leader. 

Leadership Assessment Coaching

This program provides clients with the opportunity to receive direct and relevant feedback from one of Bluepoint's highly regarded 360 assessments. Participants will work with a leadership coach to interpret feedback and apply the insights for maximum development.

Learning Application Coaching

Following a Bluepoint workshop, clients have the option to engage in learning application sessions with a Bluepoint Leadership Coach. This coach will help them transform their new skills into habits and implement the learning into day-to-day work. 


Personal Impact Coaching 

In these personalized coaching assignments, clients are matched with skilled coaches who will help them lift their leadership to new levels. This coaching is focused strictly on outcomes such as "What does the client need to do to have a bigger impact on the issues most important to his or her team and organization?".

Coaching Circles 

During these sessions, leaders can clarify their action plan, identify ways to operationalize their individual and team learning, and practice their coaching skills. These sessions are tailored for leaders to engage in coach-like conversations in which they encourage and challenge each other. 



Mastering The Art of Coaching (MAC) is an intense program designed to equip groups of leaders with the knowledge, methodologies and expertise required to coach at a high level and, in doing so, help other organization members make significant improvements in their performance and advancements in their careers.


The program takes 6-9 months to complete and involves a comprehensive series of professional development experiences including:

  • facilitator-led workshops with coaching experientials and feedback
  •  assessments
  • group coaching consults
  • coaching on coaching
  • individual reading, research and reflection

Amplify Your Leaders' Impact by Expanding Their Coaching Capabilities



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