The Leader as Coach Workshop


This workshop is an intense hands-on learning experience designed for managers and leaders seeking to become the instrument of change within their team. The curriculum equips participants with the models and tools to become the kind of person from whom others genuinely want to receive coaching. The program is comprised of engaging exercises, real-time coaching, and personal feedback.


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The Leader As Coach Workshop is the finest coach training program available today. Every year, thousands of leaders from organizations of all sizes and industries choose this powerful learning program to help them become catalysts for the high performance and career acceleration of their team members.


  • Acquire a proven, immediately-applicable approach to coaching.

  • Practice coaching in real-time conversations and receive direct feedback on their personal effectiveness.

  • Increase the potency of their conversations by engaging in values-based coaching.

  • Learn how to initiate and guide high-quality coaching conversations using The Big Coaching Questions.

  • Create an ambitious personal development plan that targets on becoming a distinctly coach-like leader.


  • Increase managerial capability to lead and drive change through coaching.

  • Encourage greater levels of engagement and personal accountability.

  • Build a consistent approach to coaching and improve performance throughout the organization. 



Mid to senior level managers and leaders who wish to coach others to higher level performance, deeper learning, and accelerated career development.


Two-day, one-day, and virtual sessions are available. 

Delivery Type

Classroom, conference, or virtual delivery. 


Workshop graduates have access to the Bluepoint Micro eLearning Program, a 16-week reinforcement program designed to maximize the effectiveness of the workshop and help participants make real, sustained change in their day-to-day behavior. 


The Leader as Coach Inventory (LCI) is a confidential, anonymous, multi-rater assessment designed to provide participants with a 360-degree view of how often they engage in 30 coach-like behaviors. It also contains the following narrative comments from the selected observers, intended to reinforce coach-like behaviors: 

  • Consider the relationships this person has formed. Describe how he or she has formed relationships that are coach-like in nature, that is, relationships that facilitate the learning and development of others. 

  • Consider how this person has engaged in conversations with others. Describe how these conversations have had a positive impact on the learning and develop of others. 

  • Consider this person's natural interpersonal leadership talents. How can he or she best utilize these talents in the future to maximize his or her effectiveness as a coach? 


We offer additional leadership assessment coaching to help interpret feedback and apply insights for maximum development. 

Our Clients

We have partnered with organizations of all sizes and from various industries to elevate their leaders' ability to coach and develop others. 

Help your leaders become the kind of person others want to receive coaching from.

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