The Powerful Coaching Conversation


This workshop is designed to provide participants with a strong foundation of coaching principles and practices, enabling them to have more meaningful conversations. The workshop equips individual contributors, frontline managers and early-stage leaders with skills and approaches they can use to have a significant influence on the performance, learning, and careers of others.


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The Powerful Coaching Conversation Workshop is a powerful learning experience during which participants will gain:‚Äč

  • a solid understanding of the potential impact of coaching conversations,
  • immediately-usable coaching processes, skills, and tools, and
  • a plan to integrate a coaching approach into their day-to-day interactions.


This is a practical, hands-on workshop comprised of interactive exercises, a self-assessment, engaging lecturettes, and real-time coaching sessions (Coaching Experientials) with ample personal feedback. It is the best training experience available for leaders seeking to become much more coach-like in all of their interactions.



This workshop is ideal for leaders seeking their first formal coach training program. It is an excellent development experience for front-line supervisors, early stage leaders and individual contributors seeking to make a significant shift in their coaching effectiveness.


One-day and virtual sessions are available. 

Delivery Type

Classroom, conference, or virtual delivery. 


Workshop graduates have access to the Bluepoint Micro eLearning Program, a 12-week reinforcement program designed to maximize the effectiveness of the workshop and help participants make real, sustained change in their day-to-day behavior. 


Participants take stock of their current coaching effectiveness by completing a self-assessment aimed at identifying specific behaviors they can incorporate into their day-to-day activities to increase the impact of their coaching.

Our Clients

We have partnered with organizations of all sizes and from various industries to elevate their leaders' ability to know themselves better and connect with others more effectively.  

Develop your leaders to become more coach-like in all of their interactions. 

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