FREE INFOGRAPHIC | Hot Tips for Dealing with California's Heat Illness and Prevention Standards

Summertime is not just about fun in the sun for California employers. Under Cal/OSHA regulations, employers must be vigilant about preventing heat-related illness and keeping their employees safe. Some requirements kick in at 80° F, and other high-heat procedures apply once temperatures reach 95° F, but even at lower temperatures and indoor locations, you are obligated to guard against heat illness and grant employees additional rest breaks to recover.

Additionally, these regulations specifically require the development and implementation of written procedures to comply with the standards as well as employee and supervisor training on your heat illness prevention plans. And although the rules are most obviously aimed at employees in outdoor industries such as landscaping and agricultural businesses, they're applicable to ALL employers under Cal/OSHA.


This free infographic will help California employers reduce the number of heat-related illnesses and injury, reduce the costs associated with lost productivity and liability, and prevent legal action from heating up. 


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