HR Checklist for I-9 Enforcement

Are your Forms I-9 in order? When it comes to Forms I-9, it’s time for HR departments to face reality. Many companies nationwide don’t have their I-9s up to regulatory requirements. At the same time, ICE enforcement is on the rise, and no company is safe from an audit. So what can you do?


Good faith matters.
Taking action to meet I-9 regulations can help prevent problems and help mitigate fines if an audit reveals any I-9 errors. But there are many details, and some expert advice really helps.


A trusted guide.
This free HR Checklist for I-9 Enforcement from Equifax Workforce Solutions has the steps and tips you need to follow to help bring order to your I-9s:

  • Creating a standard operating procedural manual
  • Training for Section 2 completers
  • Conducting a self-audit


ICE doesn’t give much warning, so don’t wait. Download the free checklist today.

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