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Construction Safety: Drone Use Can Save Lives and Money
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What Drones Can Do Best

The most crucial thing drones can offer in construction is the opportunity to catch problems early, before they drive up costs or add to a project’s timeline. Aerial photography and video can make it very easy for a team to see existing hazards that may have been missed by either the engineer, architect or owners such as power or gas lines, property boundaries or nearby waterways. 

Finding problems early is also key to meeting building and zoning codes, OSHA standards and regulations, which if not met, can lead to serious fines, delays and even shutdowns. When workers’ safety and millions of dollars are at risk, it’s much easier to be proactive than reactive. In the construction world, it is very rare when things go exactly as planned. Photographs and video from the drone can provide insight on clearances, elevations, existing buildings’ conditions, or even conflicts that workers might have to face.  

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