Do your employees know how much you value them?

Showing your employees that you value them is not always easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. So we’ve made this easy to follow infographic to help you assess where your organization is at in terms of employee recognition and appreciation. This infographic will help you think about things like whether your employees know their role in the overall purpose of the company or whether you’re successfully using an engagement management tool to measure recognition and employee sentiment. Ready to see where your company stands? Download the infographic today!

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Limeade Listening (formerly known as TINYpulse) was recently acquired by WebMD Health Services – achieving the ultimate ‘better together’ story. Our employee engagement products take the guesswork out of employee feedback so that HR leaders are empowered to drive positive organizational change and improve employee engagement through surveys, 1:1 coaching and employee recognition tools. Using data and insights, we enable organizations to build an employee engagement strategy to positively impact retention, productivity, and more. Create a thriving culture by making it easy for your employees to feel heard, valued, and engaged at work.