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Make regulatory and policy decisions with confidence, train and implement worksite safety with ease, and track audits and reporting in a central location. Start a conversation today to learn how EHS Hero® is the sure-fire solution to all your Environmental, Health, and Safety needs.



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EHS Hero is the most comprehensive EHS management suite of tools available on the market. Our fully customizable, cloud-based platform provides best in class tools built to make your job simpler and keep your organization compliant, while saving time and money.

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Mobile Safety and Training

How did you find out about the latest regulatory change affecting your organization? If your process involved searching online for the most up-to-date regulation, we should talk. EHS Hero® sends the latest OSHA, EPA, and CDC policy updates right to your dashboard. Gain peace of mind and never have to search for a new regulation online again.

Are you overloaded with tasks and short on time? What if we told you EHS Hero® works in the field as well as the office, giving you more freedom to focus on completing tasks that will save time and increase efficiency? Let the experts at EHS Hero streamline your EHS program.



The Authority on Environmental Health and Safety

Actionable information that gets straight to the point and helps you make educated decisions while complying with regulatory requirements.

Strategically implement comprehensive action plans and procedures to achieve organizational goals. Our premade templates include the latest regulatory requirements and industry best practices, making implementation a breeze.

Track, manage, and streamline EHS and regulatory requirements for a more transparent and comprehensive reporting process.

Simplify employee training using expertly crafted, compliance-meeting training content. Facilitate training requirements and recordkeeping with our user-friendly and intuitive training management tools.

End-to-end life-cycle management of internal workflows, documents, and processes all working together to ensure regulatory requirements are met and understood by key stakeholders. Built-in engagement and accountability tools manage and track compliance and EHS activities for individuals involved with your organization.

Build and configure task-specific workflows that span audit, permit, and risk life cycles unique to your organization. Make informed decisions, and gain complete control of audit and permit management while mitigating company risk.

Not everyone has time for data entry and menial EHS tasks, and not everyone wants to! This suite of tools will be your extra set of hands, automating all the little tasks and reminders associated with EHS and compliance and allowing you to stay on top of your organization’s EHS health without putting all the extra work in.