Effectively Managing Toxic Personalities in the Workplace


Toxic employees – we’ve all encountered at least one. The person who makes you dread coming to work each day, or the employee that seems nearly impossible to manage and sucks the life out of your team. These employees are all too common in today’s corporate culture, but by ignoring the toxic behavior, you risk losing everything. From company culture and team morale, to your bottom line – a toxic employee can destroy everything you've worked so hard to build.


In fact, according to a recent Harvard Business School study of employees who were dealing with toxic coworkers:


  • 78% said their commitment to the organization declined

  • 66% said their performance declined

  • 63% lost worktime in avoiding the offender


So, what behaviors define a toxic employee? How can you spot one before they wreak havoc on your team? And what can you do right now to correct their behavior before it's too late?


We're covering everything you need to know in this FREE How-To-Guide, built to help you successfully manage toxic employees, effectively respond to toxic behavior in the workplace, and set proper boundaries to preserve workplace morale and culture.

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