Drive Employee Engagement Through LMS Training 

Tuesday, October 6th

3:00 PM Eastern

A key to organizational effectiveness is the ability to adapt. But what does that look like?

One major element is an efficient process that allows you to inform and train all employees on organizational changes. Regardless of staff size, it’s imperative to have a way to share the information in a standardized format to ensure everyone receives the same message.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t have a learning management system (lms) that allows for easy customization and consistent instruction. Instead, businesses are trying to tackle the job with makeshift tools like email and video conferencing, which come with potential issues and risks.

With the right LMS in place, you can get your workforce up to speed, and get ahead with easy, consistent training that engages your employees through ongoing development.

In this webinar, we’re joined by Rob Magness, Paycom’s regional vice president of sales, and Dickens Aubourg, Paycom’s director of client learning, to discuss:

  • the importance of training and its role in the success of your employees and organizational growth
  • why it’s crucial to provide employees with learning technology that supports your business’s performance strategy in today’s digital reality
  • how to develop and maintain a culture of engagement through on-demand training


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