Employee Voice: How To Activate Your Organization’s DNA 

According to Gallup in fall 2018, 34 percent of U.S. workers are now “engaged” at work, while 53 percent remain “not engaged.” The rest are somewhere in the middle.  


What’s been missing is a critical practice called real-time feedback. Because, as we’ll show you in this interactive Lightpaper®:

  • Real-time feedback is the key to putting Employee Voice into action and improving engagement. Having a competitive business advantage today lies in being able to find the right signals in a busy universe — and apply these insights quickly.
  • Activating Employee Voice is the key to driving greater performance. Employee Voice is the DNA of your organization, and it needs to be actuated to unlock the power of collective intelligence.
  • When you make people your focus, engagement and high performance will follow. People don’t wake up wanting to be measured. They wake up wanting to be part of something that matters and to contribute their unique insights.


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About our Paper Sponsor, Waggl:

Waggl is the voice of people at work. They provide a real-time transparent engagement platform that crowdsources and prioritizes Employee Voice around topics that matter. Effectively connecting employees with the company.