Employee Handbooks: How to Boost Your Bottom Line


Employee Handbooks are important assets for your clients - they help them keep compliant, communicate policy, reduce discrimination, and much more. But did you know that if your clients have a compliant and up-to-date handbook, it can help increase your bottom line?


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Get the tools and training your clients need.


BLR's Partner Solutions Center provides your clients with one easy access login to a comprehensive set of tools, customized to their unique needs. Keep your team's expertise front and center with a seamless application of your brand to the dashboard and compliance materials.


Add endless client value and internal support with a fully customizable dashboard of best-in-class compliance tools and training solutions

BLR helps U.S. businesses simplify compliance. Through our expert, in-house editors and exclusive attorney network, we provide the most comprehensive & reliable compliance and training solutions available. The Partner Solutions Center can provide additional revenue streams or value-add to your services to win new business and retain existing clients.


HR Compliance Solutions

Industry-leading, award-winning employment law solutions prepared by attorneys and industry experts (including our Employee Handbook Builder). 

 EHS Compliance Solutions

Customizable training materials, plain-English regulations analysis, and a comprehensive SDS database to ensure your clients are in line with OSHA requirements.

Training Solutions

Award-winning online and custom training programs designed to help your clients meet their business objectives.


Best-in-class compliance tools customized to your client's individual needs. 


Thorough, plain-English answers to the most pressing questions, complete with resources and reference.

Full Customization

Build a package to meet the unique needs of your clients, maintained in an easy-to-use client management dashboard.