FREE WEBINAR | The State of Safety Culture in 2018

According to OSHA, every day an average of 14 workers are killed on the job in the United States. These injuries can result in missed work days, poor worker attitudes, high turnover - and costly OSHA fines. But with a solid safety culture, safety can be woven into the everyday behavior and mindset of all employees, decreasing injuries and improving morale.


Changing and improving a safety culture brings great opportunities, but implementation and continuation of a successful culture isn’t always easy. It takes persistence and buy-in on all levels.


In this complimentary webinar, we will explore these issues and provide insight into: 

  • The challenges of employee engagement and tips for securing buy-in
  • The key role of behavior and attitudes in a safety culture
  • Best practices for training and messaging to reinforce your safety culture
  • How to manage the precarious balancing act between incentives and discipline
  • Leadership skills safety professionals need to communicate their case across the organization
  • The importance of aligning your safety strategy with your business strategy to instill a culture of safety throughout the company