Enterprise gamification for contact centers 

Now, more than ever, its super important to keep employees connected, engaged and aligned. Gamification is a powerful mechanism that, when done right, offers daily opportunities for recognition, keeps agents connected with their goals and their teammates, and even helps line-managers become better coaches.

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  • How gamification plays out in the world's leading contact centers
  • How advanced game mechanics drive productivity for remote agents
  • Immediate steps you can take to get started with gamification tomorrow
  • How to measure and optimize gamification projects for maximum impact

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About our Sponsor, Centrical:

Centrical employee engagement, training and performance management solutions help thousands of employees in contact centers worldwide meet and exceed their goals daily. Centrical blends real-time performance management, advanced gamification and personalized microlearning into one holistic platform.

At Centrical, we believe that employees who know their goals, know how to get them and are motivated to excel are more successful – it’s that simple. Using Centrical, you can set dynamic performance and learning goals for your employees. Then empower them with real-time performance tracking, engage them with challenges, levels and prizes, and offer prompts and microlearning that will help them get things done.

Centrical’s platform easily integrates with all leading enterprise systems and produces improvements like 40% faster onboarding, a 3.5X improvement in compliance and quality, and 12% improvement in employee productivity. For more information please visit