Employee Handbooks: Your First Line of Defense

Is your employee handbook compliant and informative? Are you certain?



A well-prepared handbook will answer many of the routine questions that would otherwise end up on the desk of the HR Professional or supervisor.


To get you started, BLR has compiled a collection of employee handbook resources to help you create, implement, and maintain a legally sound resource that is up-to-date with the latest regulations.

Are you creating a new handbook or do you need a quick brush-up? Our editors have put together an easy how-to guide to help you get started. Download it for free now!


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The Employee Handbook Builder Difference


HR Hero's Employee Handbook Builder tool is a completely browser-based system. With the Employee Handbook Builder, you can build, access, and update your handbook from any computer with a browser and an internet connection. 

Featured Resource:

Employee Handbook Checklist


Help check the health of your current handbook or prepare a new one with this free checklist from BLR's HR Daily Advisor.


Featured Resource: 

Employee Handbook Cookbook


How is an employee handbook like a home-cooked meal? Download this free resource, and see if your recipe is a mix for success.


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