It's Employee Handbook Season!

Employee Handbooks: Your First Line of Defense

Is your employee handbook compliant and informative? Are you certain?



A well-prepared handbook will answer many of the routine questions that would otherwise end up on the desk of the HR Professional or supervisor.


To get you started, BLR has compiled a collection of employee handbook resources to help you create, implement, and maintain a legally sound resource that is up-to-date with the latest regulations.


Why should you have an employee handbook? What does an employee handbook do? What should you include in your employee handbook? Our editors have put together this resource to make sure you can answer these questions. Download it for free now!















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The Employee Handbook Builder Difference


HR Hero's Employee Handbook Builder tool is a completely browser-based system. With the Employee Handbook Builder, you can build, access, and update your handbook from any computer with a browser and an internet connection. 

Featured Resource:

Employee Handbook Checklist


Help check the health of your current handbook or prepare a new one with this free checklist from BLR's HR Daily Advisor.



Featured Resource: 

Employee Handbook Cookbook


How is an employee handbook like a home-cooked meal? Download this free resource, and see if your recipe is a mix for success.



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