Expanding the Reach of ISO 45001: How to Build Organizational Resiliency with ISO 45003 and ISO/PAS 45005:2020

From working at home to navigating the safety requirements of the pandemic workplace, workers around the world are experiencing disruption that is taking its toll on mental and physical health.

As COVID-19 has demonstrated, the world can move quickly from business-as-usual to severe global disruption. Organizations therefore require expert guidance to navigate the tempestuous present and an uncertain future. ISO 45003 and ISO/PAS 45005:2020 are the first steps in a human-centered approach to building resilient and supportive organizations in which workers can thrive.

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  • Why psychosocial risks factors are a concern for your workplace
  • How workplace stress can lead to increased injuries and reduced productivity
  • Why software is an important way of supporting your management system for health and safety

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