PIP® Grippaz® Extended Use Gloves are in a class all their own. They offer the dexterity and barrier protection associated with single-use disposable gloves with up to 5 times the durability that is needed for a wide variety of industrial applications.

The globally patented fish scale pattern on the inside and outside of the glove provides the best grip while creating better traction to significantly enhance worker productivity by reducing hand fatigue.

A proprietary nitrile formulation delivers comfort and resistance against oils and incidental chemical contact. The fish scale design also provides a ripstop effect to help protect users from accidental exposure.

Grippaz® offers you more comfortable and better protection while lasting up to 5 times longer than conventional disposable gloves. That’s reduced downtime for changeouts AND fewer gloves in a landfill.

Put Grippaz® Extended Use Gloves to the test!

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