As Occupational Head Injuries Continue to Rise Safety Managers Are Turning to a Logical Advancement in Head Protection

Head protection has come a long way since the day of the “Hard-Boiled Hat” in the early 1920s. While significant advancements have been made over the past 100 years, the reality is that today's job site requires multi-faceted protection designed to help protect workers from head injuries related to dropped objects as well as minor slips, trips and falls at ground level.

These types of slips, trip and falls occur almost daily on treacherous job sites. As a result, the possibility of direct contact between the ground or a nearby structure with a worker's unprotected head becomes all too real. Integrated chinstraps can only do so much to reduce the severity of a head injury by actually keeping the helmet on the worker's head.

As job sites and projects become more demanding, safety managers are making the logical switch to a revolutionary advancement in head protection. Download this FREE whitepaper to learn more about the latest innovation in head protection that aims to help reduce head injuries on the job by providing additional safety against modern-day rotational blows to the head.



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