How Paycom Helped the New England Patriots Achieve HR Victory


In the world of professional sports, excellence takes many forms. Athletes and coaches might command the attention of the public, but their success is enabled and reinforced by the work of talented professionals behind the scenes.


The HR staff behind the New England Patriots is one such example, a kind of team within a team. Their work tends to play out in offices rather than fields, and their goals are tallied on a different kind of scoreboard. A victory for them is a victory for their organization, and the right HR provider helps make it possible.


The Challenge 


Game day. For fans, it's a source of entertainment and excitement. But for Robin Boudreau, senior vice president of HR for the Patriots, it's part of the job.


“A typical football game has about 2,500 employees on-site, and they clock in anywhere from four to five hours prior to kickoff,” Boudreau said. “So you can imagine the complexity and the volume of trying to manage time and attendance, validating a schedule in the system, making sure the person has security access to be on-site for the event.”


Furthermore, the challenge of corralling large numbers of employees into a workable HR system doesn’t end on the football field — or in New England...see how Paycom helped!


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