Employee-Driven Success: How Paycom Transformed a Benefits Administrator's Payroll Process

Does this sound familiar? Every payday is a white-knuckle ride, feverishly chasing approvals and verifying data as you race toward your payroll submission deadline. It’s vital everyone gets paid correctly and on time, but missing data and missed deadlines lead to time-consuming corrections, not to mention unhappy employees. And two weeks later, you get to do it all over again! That was certainly the case for one company β€” until a revolutionary employee-driven payroll experience transformed the process and reduced the time it took by nearly 50%. Download this case study to learn more.

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About our Sponsor, Paycom:

Paycom provides transformative HR and payroll software for the entire employee life cycle. A single, easy-to-use software empowers employees to access, manage and update their own HR data β€” from benefits and PTO to direct deposit and everything in between β€” all under the same digital roof. The transfer of responsibility from HR to employee increases accuracy, security and compliance; improves the overall employee experience, thus boosting retention levels; and frees HR to focus on driving greater business value.