The Importance of Upskilling & Reskilling in 2024

Upskilling is the process of teaching or training employees to enhance their existing skills. The goal is to ensure they’re kept up to date with the latest industry trends, technologies, and processes to ensure their productivity, efficiency, and overall performance.

So how do you know if you're adequately keeping up with this process?

With the help of our sponsor, Paycom, we created this eBook to walk you through the process of upskilling and reskilling your employees.

Regardless of the role they’re in, all employees need to be provided with upskilling to ensure they stay up to date with the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes to fulfill their job responsibilities. Our free eBook will walk you through:

  • What upskilling actually means
  • The importance of upskilling & reskilling in an AI-driven work environment
  • The gaps you need to fill in upskilling opportunities for women and POC
  • and more!

To ensure your upskilling efforts are effective and deliver the desired results, download our free eBook today!

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About our Sponsor, Paycom:

Paycom provides transformative HR and payroll software for the entire employee life cycle. A single, easy-to-use software empowers employees to access, manage and update their own HR data — from benefits and PTO to direct deposit and everything in between — all under the same digital roof. The transfer of responsibility from HR to employee increases accuracy, security and compliance; improves the overall employee experience, thus boosting retention levels; and frees HR to focus on driving greater business value.