The ROI of an Effective Safety Culture

The fact that companies across the country are seeing high returns on investments in safety initiatives is no secret. And while there are state and federal programs designed to positively impact workplace injury and illness rates, companies continue to struggle with compliance. But implementing a culture of safety compliance will not only protect your workers, but it makes perfect business sense.


Consider this: According to the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, employers paid $51.1 billion in 2010 for direct workers compensation costs (medical plus indemnity) for the most disabling workplace injuries and illnesses – that’s nearly $1 billion per week! This number doesn’t take into consideration the indirect costs that are so often overlooked - workplace disruption, downtime, and loss of productivity just to name a few - despite the fact that they have a far greater impact.


As coldhearted and calculated as measuring the cost of potential injuries may seem, there is a strong argument to be made that proactively identifying these costs will not only save the lives and protect the health of workers, but it'll help to make a strong business case for safety investments that will positively impact the bottom line and free up dollars that could be spent on other fund-worthy initiatives.


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