Is Your Workplace Harassment Prevention

Training Program Missing Something?


At Simplify Training, we know how important it is to not only stay compliant but also to build an organizational culture of tolerance and acceptance for all employees.


We have a full suite of sexual harassment resources, all developed by in-house experts, to not only speak to wide employee demographics but also to address varied learning styles.



Compliance Training

Do you need national 
harassment prevention training?


Online Compliance Training

Are you compliant with
state-specific requirements?

New Regulations for 2019:

Connecticut, California, Delaware, and New York

Are you prepared for
new regulations in these states?



Compliance might not be enough for true culture change.
You need to reinforce the training, too!
That is where our microlearning can help.
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What about the requirements for labor law posters?
Does your state have them?
Do you need a federal poster?
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Do your employees like refrence materials?
We can help with that. 

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