Top 10 Employment Handbook Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

How to communicate your mission and culture while protecting your company from devastating lawsuits


While most employers in the United States have an employment handbook, few companies treat it as a priority item. Not only does a handbook present a wonderful opportunity to communicate with your workforce about your organization’s philosophy, mission, and culture, but it protects your company from potentially devastating lawsuits and litigation.

Companies like Netflix and Nordstrom have demonstrated that handbooks can be effective without being dry and tedious legal documents. A good handbook not only informs your employees about workplace rules and policies, but it sets expectations for performance and conduct, which prevents misunderstandings that may lead to disputes. Thoughtful and properly worded policies may also help you with your legal defensive if a dispute does arise.


In this free infographic, we're outlining the 10 employment handbook mistakes that companies should avoid at all costs.


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