Worthy of Your Trust: How ehsAI Turns Compliance Documents into Actionable Output

By doing automatically - in minutes - what manual processes need weeks to complete, ehsAI slashes the cost of identifying compliance requirements by as much as 80 percent. But how do they do it?

ehsAI’s new paper, Worthy of Your Trust: How ehsAI Turns Compliance Documents into Actionable Output, pulls back the curtain, explaining how the platform:

  • Augments and accelerates existing processes to deliver impressive savings without disrupting proven workflows
  • Turns unstructured compliance documents into structured, actionable output
  • Leverages the most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine in the industry to delivery reliable results
  • Is always getting better

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ehsAI takes any unstructured regulatory document, and, in minutes, turns it into detailed, easy-to-track compliance requirements allowing organizations to analyze data more accurately, comply faster and mitigate risk. Using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural processing language (NPL), the platform extracts the critical information inside compliance documents into a complete and actionable format.

The ehsAI platform is the only patented solution of its kind and is used by the world’s largest corporations and consulting firms. By eliminating the tedious review of regulatory compliance and permits, organizations can save up to 80% of time and money spent on traditional workflows. Learn more at