New Guide: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Contingent Workforce

Pushed forward by the Great Resignation and workers’ changing attitudes about what it means to work, live, and thrive, contingent work has become increasingly common around the world. Now, businesses must adjust their approach to workforce management to keep up. Traditional contingent workforce programs are disjointed and decentralized, which can lead to redundancies, miscommunication, and significant waste. Worse still, it prevents leaders from getting the holistic insights that are critical to informed, strategic decision-making.

In this guide, you’ll learn what’s driving the evolution of work and how business-as-usual will need to change to accommodate modern workers and support long-term success. Topics covered include:

  • A crash course in contingent labor.
  • The benefits of an integrated approach for managers, workers, and leadership.
  • How direct sourcing streamlines hiring and cuts spending without sacrificing quality.
  • Why it’s better to find a partner than a vendor.
  • How talent intelligence, vendor management systems, advisory services, and flexible technology come together to support more productive—and engaged—workers.

Download our eBook to learn how investing in an integrated contingent workforce management platform can improve visibility to balance budgets, reduce risk, fill gaps, and ensure agility in today’s complicated business landscape.

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