Adding value to employers and health plans through Personalized Healthcare

As the pandemic enters its third year, many employers are dealing with The Great Resignation. A record number of workers are quitting their jobs for reasons such as better work-life balance, increased pay or a better work environment. HR professionals believe that the shift in work attitudes is not going away any time soon.

Savanta conducted a survey on behalf of Accolade in September and October of 2021 to determine if Personalized Healthcare services improve the employee’s experience and perception of both their health plan and employer.

In this report:

  • How Personalized Healthcare supports retention and recruitment of top talent
  • Why employees with Personalized Healthcare services believe they have a better healthcare experience and increased satisfaction than those without these services
  • Why employees with Personalized Healthcare services’ opinion of their health insurance provider is more favorable than those without these services

Download the full report to get an in-depth understanding of how Personalized Healthcare solutions can help your organization and your people with an exceptional healthcare experience.

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About our Sponsor, Accolade:

With compassionate advisers, clinical expertise, and intelligent technology, Accolade brings employees and their families trusted, personalized support for their health and benefits questions, needs and experiences. We are equally a trusted partner for employers as they foster healthy populations and effective benefits programs. Accolade solutions are designed with next-generation technology that generates millions of data-driven insights from hundreds of sources to help each person live their healthiest life. With artificial intelligence at the core of our human support, we anticipate a person’s needs, engage them in trusted ways, and guide them to the specific benefits and care options that can help them most, when they need them most, in the context of their full life. We guide each individual to resources they didn’t even know they had, putting them on the best path toward physical, emotional, and financial health and well-being. The Accolade journey starts with one message, one call, one point of contact. It starts when people simply ask Accolade.​