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Background Checks 101 

When was the last time you took stock of your background screening programs? If it’s been awhile, sign up for this webinar to get a quick refresher on the latest background check rules and requirements. Legal laws are ever-changing and you and your company need to be prepared.




This Free eBook will cover: 

  • What is included in a background check report;
  • How long a background check takes;
  • Why there is no “one size fits all” approach; 
  • Why employers should use a reputable background check provider rather than conduct internet or data-based searches; 
  • What it means when someone “disputes” their background check report information.

When building a workplace well-being program, communications can be just as critical as the resources offered. Consider these 3 communication strategies to help increase well-being program awareness, consideration, and utilization.


With this guide, learn how to:


  • Discuss employee mental health with your executive leadership
  • Share resources with managers to de-stigmatize mental health issues at work
  • Provide accessible mental health benefits to your employees

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