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BLR® is dedicated to helping American workplaces access and implement strategies to prevent workplace violence incidents and prepare their staff to respond in a way that could save lives.  We are here to help you take a proactive step to solidify your prevention and response plan with these resources.

TrainingToday® Workplace Safety Online Training
The Workplace Safety training library includes everything you need to increase awareness of general safety practices, including courses on Active Shooter and Workplace Safety for Employees.  
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Workplace Violence Prevention Bootcamp: Employment Screening, Gun Control, and Policy Updates to Reduce Risk and Liability
Join this full-day bootcamp of back-to-back webinars focused on workplace violence prevention and what you can do to prevent attacks from occurring in your organization.
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Onsite Training
Bring a subject matter expert to your organization for an onsite training course on workplace violence prevention.  We have both employee- and supervisor-specific courses available.  Courses can be customized to meet your organization's need.
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Preventing Workplace Violence in California: Hazard Assessments and Training to Protect Your Workforce
This webinar will discuss the different types of violence, and measures that employers can take to try to identify the signs of violence before it leads to an incident.
Register Now® is BLR’s online compliance solution for EHS pros. A subscription includes workplace violence prevention classroom training, including PowerPoint® meetings, handouts, quizzes, tool box talks, and more!
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Corporate Culture's Influence on Violence Prevention: Agile & Proactive Mindset to Better Manage Risks - On-Demand
During this session, Felix Nater, a former U.S. Postal Inspector and Violence Prevention and Violence Response Consultant, will provide valuable insight on the steps you can take to proactively manage workplace violence risks and keep your organization safe.
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What can you do to help prevent attacks from occurring in your organization and to best prepare your supervisors and employees?

Acts of aggression in the workplace affect millions of people each year in the US. According to OSHA, 700 people are murdered at worksites each year, and over 2 million are victims of violence. These acts of violence extend beyond active shooters, and include more sensitive issues like domestic violence and sexual assault and harassment.


Consider these startling facts:

  • 10% of the workplace fatalities that occurred in 2015 were homicides (BLS)
  • Nearly two million American workers report being victimized by workplace violence
  • Healthcare workers face a 20% higher rate of workplace violence than private‑sector employees
  • Workplace violence costs employers more than $120 billion a year, according to estimates by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
  • Students involved in school shooting incidents score on average 5% lower than their peers on standardized tests
  • The rate of workplace assaults for healthcare workers is more than every other field combined

Download our Special Report now to get you started on your workplace violence prevention training plan and learn more about how BLR resources can you help you prepare your workforce.