Experiential Leadership & Coaching Workshops

Provide leaders at all levels with the best practices, tools, and methodologies to accelerate development.

Develop well-rounded leaders

Bluepoint workshops are designed to help leaders raise their game. We offer a wide range of topics to help participants lead themselves, others, teams, or the organization more effectively. 

The Leader Within

Help leaders at all levels gain a deeper understanding of leadership emotional intelligence and tap into the power of emotions.

Building Resilience

Equips participants with skills and tools they can immediately use to build their own personal resilience and positively impact those around them

Leadership Presence

Provides the necessary skills, behaviors, and mindset to elevate leadership presence and ways to incorporate this presence into daily interactions.

Authenticity @ Work

Challenges participants to explore their definitions of authenticity, examine their own authentic selves, and find ways to be more authentic in their interactions with others.

Leadership Courage

 Explores what hinders courage inside organizations today and provides leaders with tools and approaches to lead with courage every day. 

Working Virtually

Designed to equip individuals with the key approaches and skills necessary to increase their effectiveness in working in a remote environment.

Creating a Distinctive Leadership Brand

Designed to let participants have opportunities to study and reflect upon their leadership brand and identify ways to enhance this brand. 

EQ: Understanding Myself & Connecting with Others

Designed to help participants examine their level of emotional intelligence and how it impacts their effectiveness at work

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Leader as Coach

Challenges participants to elevate their coaching capabilities, create relationships that confront real issues, and engage in potent, performance-changing conversations.

Creating a Feedback Culture

Equips participants with skills and approaches to create a culture where honest self-reflection, insight, and personal improvement flourishes. 

Building Powerful Connections

Provides participants with a proven process to readily make connections with others, practice engaging in conversations, and receive feedback on the process. 

The Power of Accountability

Challenges participants to see accountability through a different lens and learn applicable practices and approaches to incorporate into their daily roles.

Impact & Influence

Provides an opportunity to develop a stronger sense of self-awareness and a better ability to make profound, influential connections with others.

Communicating with Impact

Equips participants with a powerful model that will help them articulate messages clearly and in a way that ensures people hear and take action. 

The Powerful Coaching Conversation

Provides applicable coaching skills and tools and a plan to integrate coaching into their leadership.

Leadership Communication in Difficult Times

Equips participants with practical leadership approaches for getting their voices heard, even in difficult times. 

Mastering the Art of Courageous Conversations

Explores the very best practices that successful leaders use to raise, discuss, and resolve difficult emotion-evoking issues.

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Leading Change

Provides leaders with immediately usable communication, mentoring, and coaching skills to help their team members thrive in periods of substantial change. 

Demystifying Execution

Explores myths of execution and how to develop an innovative strategy, prepare to influence stakeholders, and executive effectively.

Leading Innovation

Explores a model leaders need to development a culture of innovation through personal examples, innovation tools, video case studies, and hands-on application.

The Leadership Essentials

Equips managers with the practices and competencies necessary to lead successfully at the personal, interpersonal, team and organizational levels.

Executive Leadership Essentials

Equips executives with the practices and competencies necessary to lead successfully at the personal, interpersonal, and organizational level.

Executive Leader as Coach

Delivers an intense, experiential learning experience designed to help executives excel at coaching others and develop a culture of coaching. 

The Leader Speaks

Provides participants with the theory, application, practice, and feedback necessary to significantly accelerate their communication effectiveness.  

Leading High Performance Teams

Challenges leaders to make a dramatic shift in their approach to leadership, and in doing so, create teams known for exceptional productivity, innovation, and execution.

Leading the Virtual & Remote Team

Provides the necessary approaches and skills to increase leadership effectiveness in five key dimensions: accountability, community, communication, collaboration, and coaching. 

Toward Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

Helps individuals recognize and manage the pervasiveness of bias in the workplace, dissects common racial and gender barriers, and supplies skills necessary to bridge these divides.

Crafting a Leadership Story

Introduces a powerful methodology for creating leadership stories, and an opportunity to practice preparing and delivering a story related to a current, important leadership opportunity or challenge.

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Engaging content, tailored to your leaders

Highly-Experiential Design

Our workshops create interactive and engaging learning opportunities by helping participants apply proven leadership tools and methodologies to their most important business opportunities and challenges. 


Whether you want to tailor content to a specific leadership level or weave in your organization's values and goals, we can customize our workshops to meet your specific needs. 

Blended Learning Opportunities

Choose an individual workshop or design a blended learning experience including:

  • facilitator-led in-person or virtual workshops
  • 360 assessments 
  • individual coaching
  • coaching circles led by a Bluepoint Leadership Coach
  • micro eLearning
  • full range of support tools and resources

Multiple Modes of Delivery

We have decades of experience delivering:

  • facilitator-led in-person workshops
  • facilitator-led virtual workshops
  • keynote addresses and conference sessions 

Our Clients

We have partnered with organizations of all sizes and from various industries to elevate leadership effectiveness and impact. 

Client Testimonials

“The Bluepoint approach focuses on the individual leader and helps them to grow and develop. It does not suggest a template for the ideal leader and make people conform to that image. This core belief separated Bluepoint from other firms we were considering.”

Neil Bryant I VP, Leadership and Sales Development, Americas, Carestream 

“Bluepoint has the ability to create something that is interactive, encourages engagement, and helped us look forward and further than before.”

Nick Bizic I Director of Global Career Management, ABS

“Bluepoint has a unique blend of programs available, yet, they scope and deliver work that is meaningful and relevant to Yamaha’s particular business situation and learning maturity. The team members of Bluepoint are all exceptional.”

Charlene Miller I HR Manager, Yamaha

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