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Leading the Remote Team

Interactive, Virtual Workshop Experience
Thursday, September 3, 2020 | 1-3pm ET


NOTE: We apologize, but we have reached capacity for this event.


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As companies seek ways to keep their employees safe from COVID-19, working remotely has rapidly become the norm over the past few months. This new reality presents challenges for leaders who are used to working face-to-face with their teams and colleagues…and requires a significant shift to ensure that levels of engagement, alignment and productivity stay high—especially during these turbulent times.


Join Joan Peterson, Master Facilitator and Leadership Coach, for a two-hour interactive, online learning experience designed to equip leaders with the key approaches and skills necessary to successfully lead a remote team. Using the Adobe Connect platform to maximize interactivity and individual learning, Joan will offer practical skills and tools for increasing leadership effectiveness in four key dimensions: Community, Communication, Collaboration and Coaching—skills that are not only vital for leading remote teams, but are critical for all leaders.


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A Group of Your Peers

Due to high-demand, we limit the capacity of our complimentary workshops and hand-select attendees to ensure you are surrounded by like-minded leaders. This fosters more productive conversations around leadership challenges.

State-of-the-Art Platform

Bluepoint Leadership leverages powerful technology for our virtual workshops so you have a smooth, secure, engaging workshop experience. Breakout rooms and whiteboarding capabilities are utilized for more effective learning.

Interactive Conversations

Unlike a stagnant webinar, Bluepoint workshops encourage attendees to communicate in smaller breakout groups. This ensures the takeaways are specific to your needs, and helps you develop meaningful connections with other participants.

Return on Time Invested

While we understand two hours is a lot to ask from your busy schedule, we are confident your commitment will pay dividends. It allows you to develop a deep understanding of the style and quality of Bluepoint instruction so you can feel confident in your decision to bring this solution to your company.


Participant Video

For the comfort of our attendees, cameras will not be used during this workshop, though attendees are expected to actively participate in the conversation.

Cliché Content

Leadership development is not a trend to us; we are passionate about its importance and have invested years in crafting our approach. We have our programming down to a science, leveraging a winning combination of thoughtful delivery and proven best practices to drive measurable improvement in leadership effectiveness.

A Talking Head

Each one of our workshops is presented live by a trained facilitator who has experience supporting the development initiatives of top global brands.

About Bluepoint Leadership Development

Continue to grow leaders in any economic landscape.


We believe that people at all organizational levels can significantly enhance their leadership effectiveness through the study of advanced leadership concepts, direct feedback, intense learning experiences, accountability-based coaching and personal reflection.


During our facilitator-led workshops, personalized coaching programs and online learning applications, we educate, train and coach leaders to use their natural talents to dramatically accelerate their personal and professional development. Our work is distinguished by program graduates who are fully equipped and highly motivated to make an immediate significant impact on their teams and organizations.

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