The Leading Change Workshop


This workshop is a powerful yet practical approach for leaders to learn how to navigate change in an ever-changing world. Using the Leading Change Model, participants will focus on developing skills, approaches, and habits around change and learn how to transfer these skills to their teams and throughout their organizations. 


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The Leading Change Workshop encompasses a wide variety of modalities to create a dynamic learning environment. During the workshop, participants will identify the most important business and organization changes they are facing and focus on developing the skills, approaches, and habits that will have the most immediate and significant impact on these changes.

Participant Benefits

  • Gain a deeper appreciation for the change process and their role in making the process a positive experience for themselves and their team members.

  • Understand how they can help others navigate and accelerate the change process.

  • Gain immediately usable communication, mentoring, and coaching skills that they can employ to help their team members respond to and thrive in periods of substantial organization and business change.

  • Leave with specific commitments that will ensure the implementation of new behaviors and an operational plan.

Organizational Benefits

  • Improved talent retention, loyalty, and engagement through times of change.

  • Higher morale and improved trust and respect throughout the organization.

  • Improved employee sense of value and importance as the organization transitions.

  • Increased leadership capabilities to lead and drive change and

  • Improved commitment and alignment. 



Mid- to senior-level managers and leaders who are faced with substantial change or transitions within their organizations. Individual contributors who lead projects can also benefit from this workshop.


One-day and virtual sessions are available. 

Delivery Type

Classroom, conference, or virtual delivery. 


Workshop graduates have access to the Bluepoint Micro eLearning Program, a 16-week reinforcement program designed to maximize the effectiveness of the workshop and help participants make real, sustained change in their day-to-day behavior. 

Our Clients

We have partnered with organizations of all sizes and from various industries to elevate their leaders' ability to effectively lead and sustain change. 

Help your leaders easily navigate change and coach their teams to do the same.

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