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Investing in your talent is key for sustainable organizational success. High potential employees are shown to have the potential, ability, and aspiration to hold leadership positions and have the characteristics needed to succeed in these roles. We offer solutions to effectively develop the future leaders of your organization, such as:



Shifting Gears! Accelerated Development for High-Potential Leaders


This intense six-month to year-long development program is designed especially for leaders who have the potential to move through increasingly senior management roles. During this cohort-based program, participants are challenged to seriously examine their ambitions, talents and current leadership readiness, and seek ways to shift their performance to a whole new level.



Components of this program include:


Experiential Workshops

Personalized Coaching

Leadership Assessments



Virtual Learning



Comprehensive Resources



Peer Accountability Trios





Partner with a Bluepoint Coach



Rapid Action Coaching

This program features on-demand access to a pool of highly talented leadership coaches who are experts in providing practical coaching for the successful execution of current projects. Rapid-action coaching is designed to provide the client with coaching that can have an immediate impact. 





Personal Impact Coaching

In these personalized coaching assignments, clients are matched with skilled coaches who will help them lift their leadership to new levels. This coaching is focused strictly on outcomes such as “What does the client need to do to have a bigger impact on the issues most important to his or her team and organization?”.





Leadership Express Workshop Series

These highly impactful workshops are designed to provide participants with leadership practices, tools and methodologies which they can immediately use on the job.


Participants are quickly immersed in key leadership concepts, then guided through challenging experiential exercises that provide them with the opportunity to rapidly learn advanced leadership principles and acquire new, practical skills.



Topics include:

  • Leading Change
  • Leading High Impact Teams
  • The Powerful Coaching Conversation
  • Building Leadership Connections
  • Creating a Distinctive Leadership Brand
  • Impact and Influence
  • Excellence in Execution










Elevate others by investing in your own development 



Bluepoint is a globally trusted partner with the reputation of transforming leaders at all levels of organizations. Bluepoint trained leaders are highly skilled coaches, communicators, and innovators who see every conversation, every team meeting, and every presentation as an opportunity to create extraordinary alignment, engagement, and commitment on their team. 


Leadership Development 


These workshops are designed to be thought-provoking development programs in which participants maximize their impact and experience sustainable growth. 

Coaching Services


Experience personal and professional growth with coach training programs and executive coaching services to ensure performance development. 

Micro eLearning


Bluepoint's New Manager Micro eLearning Program help participants become more impactful in their new roles by encouraging behaviors that maximize their personal leadership effectiveness. 


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