Do you enjoy sharing your passion with other professionals? Are you a high-energy and engaging presenter? Then we want you!

The BLR/Simplify Compliance Events team is always on the hunt for new and exciting speakers to participate in our live and virtual events. Fill out the application form below to be considered. For more information, check out the FAQ section below, or download our 2022 Speaker Kit for a full list of our exciting events. 


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FAQs About Our Speaking Engagements

Will I earn continuing education credits for speaking at a BLR/Simplify Compliance event?

No. However, at your request, we can provide you with a certificate that you can present to the accrediting bodies to self-report your speaking engagement. 

Does BLR/Simplify Compliance pay for speaker's travel costs, lodging, or videographer if needed?

For live events: Our honorariums are designed to cover the cost of your travel and lodging. These are paid out at the end of the event. We do not currently record live sessions, nor provide a videographer. 


For virtual events: We do not pay or provide a videographer, but we will not discourage your from using one at your own expense, if that is what you are more comfortable with.

  • Our virtual events are hosted on a variety of platforms, including Go to Meeting, Go to Webinar, Beacon Live, and On24.
  • We typically host our virtual events live, but for some, we are willing to pre-record with you if you are not able to attend on the live date.

How soon will I find out if my application has been accepted?

Our team will follow up to confirm that we have received your application within 1-3 business days of your submission. If you are a good fit for our events, we will then be in touch to discuss next steps.

Can I still submit an application after an event has passed?

Yes. We are always accepting applications for our events, regardless of whether they have taken place or not. If we can't fit you into the event of your choice, we'll try to fit you into the next year's agenda, or in a different event of your choosing.

Can I have multiple colleagues speak with me? If so, how many?

Yes. We do allow multiple speakers, however, it varies by program.

  • Master Classes—Maximum number of speakers: 4.
  • Cosponsored webinars, keynote, and panel sessions—Maximum number of speakers: 2.
  • For live, in-person events—Maximum number of speakers: 2.

Do I have to pay for my own event registration?

No. For live events, your registration is covered for the whole event. For our virtual Now programs, the event is free for all attendees, so feel free to register for all sessions!

How can I make my submission stand out?

Be as detailed as possible! The more information we have, the better informed we'll be when it comes time to discuss next steps. Our ideal speakers are engaging, lively, and passionate about the topic they're presenting. Tell us how you engage the audience, whether its live or in a virtual setting.

Can I make a change to my presentation after I've submitted my final version?

It depends. Due to our deadlines and event content offerings, we are sticklers about having final presentations due by a certain date. However, if a law or regulation has changed, we will allow you to update your presentation to provide the most accurate information as possible. Please note, we provide a copy of the slide deck to attendees for them to print out and take notes on ahead of the event, or to reference during the event.


In most cases, once your presentation has been submitted, our team will review it to match BLR style and check for any erroneous typos or mistakes. For certain events, we will also update the presentation to match our event branding. Once the team has reviewed it, we will send back the final version for you to use or reference in your presentation.


We ask that any changes you make to the final file be submitted ASAP, this way we can distribute the most accurate version to our audience.

Will I receive feedback about my session? If so, when should I expect to receive it?

We provide feedback by request. Please reach out to our event planners/coordinators to gain access to event feedback.


Please note, we only collect feedback in order for attendees to submit for HRCI and SHRM credit, so not every attendee provides feedback.


We do not share attendee contact information in our feedback forms.

How many attendees can I expect at my session/event?

It depends.


Our virtual Now programs and sponsored weeks get the most registrations because they are free to attendees. On average, we see over 400+ unique registrants per program.


Master Class attendance varies by topic, but can average roughly 25-50 attendees.


Our live events also vary by topic. RecruitCon, Cal/OSHA, and HR Connect can average between 100-200 attendees, while the Exchange programs attract roughly 30 attendees per market. (Exchange events are invite-only and are structured to provide a more intimate experience for everyone who participates.)

Thank you for your submission!