Create a Movement Mindset: How Small Shifts Can Make a Big Impact in Health and Well-Being

In this time of dramatic change, business leaders have both the opportunity and the responsibility to help their teams thrive—whether they’re working at home, in the office or doing a bit of both.


Developing healthy lifestyle habits is crucial to enhance employee well-being. And while this may seem challenging, the science of habit change shows us that small steps make new routines easier to implement and maintain.





In this white paper, you'll find actionable tips to support employee wellness and learn about:

  • The downside of too much sitting
  • How leaders can support well-being
  • Making healthy changes stick


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About Ergotron:

Ergotron uses movement to improve how people work, learn, play and care for others. With human-centered design principles and the technology of movement, we build environments that help people thrive.