After a tireless search, you finally found the right person for your open position. Their start date is approaching quickly.

Your work isn’t done yet, though. You need to continue to nurture your new hire not only throughout their first year at your company, but before their first day. Digital onboarding makes doing that easy for you and them.


Digital onboarding makes sure your company checks all these boxes for every new hire, and Paycom can help you get there.


Even as developments have made processing payroll easier, correcting it has remained retroactive. Until now. Our employee-guided payroll experience, Beti^®^, transforms the process by automatically identifying errors, then leading workers to fix them before payroll runs. It’s all done in the same single software employees use to manage their other HR data, too.


Read this guide to learn how Paycom simplifies the onboarding process and empowers new hires before their first day. You’ll also learn about:

  • The 4 C’s of digital onboarding
  • How the right onboarding tool can help you stay compliant
  • How a supportive culture that inspires employees and makes it easier for them to form connections
  • And more

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About our Sponsor, Paycom:

Paycom provides transformative HR and payroll software for the entire employee life cycle. A single, easy-to-use software empowers employees to access, manage and update their own HR data — from benefits and PTO to direct deposit and everything in between — all under the same digital roof. The transfer of responsibility from HR to employee increases accuracy, security and compliance; improves the overall employee experience, thus boosting retention levels; and frees HR to focus on driving greater business value.