Taking Regulatory Compliance Global

EHS Hero is partnering with Enhesa

Maintaining regulatory compliance everywhere you do business just got easier. In partnership with Enhesa, a leader in global compliance, EHS Hero® helps you stay ahead of evolving environment, health, and safety (EHS) requirements for all U.S. states, plus more than 300 global jurisdictions.

A Compliance Solutions Powerhouse

  • Chart Builder:

    Clear, side-by-side comparison charts tell you in one or two sentences what your policies and practices must contain to avoid unnecessary risk.
  • EHS Hotline:

    Get thorough, plain-English answers to your most pressing questions from our subject matter experts and attorneys.
  • Regulatory Activity:

    Easily sort through hundreds of regulations by state, category, topic, type, and date to find the information you need.
  • Compliance Intelligence:

    Identify, assess, maintain, and report on current compliance in the jurisdictions in which they operate.
  • Regulatory Guides:

    Receive a high-level view of the legal landscape of a country, with a plain explanation of the legal framework.
  • Regulatory Forecaster:

    Navigate the worldwide regulatory maze with ease, and stay on top of what matters most to your business anywhere, anytime.

Why EHS Hero and Enhesa are the Ultimate Compliance Combo

Local or Abroad, We've Got You Covered

Ensure ongoing EHS compliance across the globe with detailed professional analysis. Track changes, develop best practices and manage overall compliance through one comprehensive outlook. 


Act with Confidence

 Identify, assess, maintain, and report on current compliance statutes everywhere you operate to mitigate real-world risks - from lapsing certifications to loss of life. 

Plan for the Future

Prepare your organization for changing EHS issues with proactive notices about emerging issues, policies, proposals, and regulatory changes. 

Get Started Today

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What kind of support will I receive?

You will have access to an expert support team starting at implementation and proceeding throughout the customer lifecycle. Enhesa's support services are tailored to best meet your specific needs. In addition, the Rollout and Adoption Plan ensures smooth implementation of the solution. 

How frequently are updates made to Enhesa's content?

Content is updated on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the jurisdiction.

What if my company expands into new jurisdictions?

Jurisdictions are determined by Nation/ Federation and State/ Province. The Enhesa + EHS Hero partnership is built to scale, so we will continue to support you as your organization moves into new provinces or nations. 

In how many languages is the content offered?

Enhesa's regulatory and compliance content is offered in 30+ languages.

What is Compliance Intelligence?

Compliance Intelligence provides clear, consolidated summaries of final regulations and requirements per jurisdiction. 

You can use Compliance Intelligence for:

  • Self-Assessments
  • Audits
  • On-going compliance management
  • Corporate overview of compliance

What is Regulatory Forecaster?

Regulatory Forecaster is your proactive information service focused on emerging EHS issues, proposed new regulations, amendments to existing regulations, policies, governmental guidance, and significant jurisprudence.

You can use Regulatory Forecaster for:

  • Prepare and inform your organization on potential future investments and risks
  • Prepare and inform your organization of potential changes to your operations
  • Stay ahead of regulatory changes related to your ISO certification

What is Regulatory Guides?

Regulatory Guides is your research tool and training resource to guide you through the complex labyrinth of EHS legislation.

You can use Regulatory Guides for:

  • Research resource
  • Cross-jurisdictional comparison of EHS Topics that are material to your organization
  • Basis for creating company policies and corporate standards
  • Training
  • Foundation for cross-functional knowledge globally
  • Pre-Audit Manual