Powering Today’s EHS Teams

Simplify your EHS and training management processes

BLR® provides innovative tools and resources designed to help businesses deliver consistent training, achieve compliance, and maximize efficiencies in employee workflows, resulting in measurable performance and financial improvements.


This powerful EHS solution set combines workflow tools, countless training courses, and trusted compliance insights to help you accomplish your daily workload with ease.


EHS management tools include:

  • Audit and Inspections
  • Incident Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Regulatory Analysis Chart Builder


Training topics include:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Business and Professional Skills
  • IT Software and Security
  • Leadership and Management

What BLR can do for you

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Reduce the risk of litigation by meeting the latest compliance requirements.

Reduce Future Safety Risks

Establish an effective safety culture with proven initiatives and standards.

Boost Employee Performance

Motivate your team using state-of-the-art technology and training resources.

Achieve Operational Efficiency

Customizable workflow tools that streamline operations and maximize efficiencies.

We meet you where you are

We serve businesses of all sizes across every industry. Whether you’re an HR administrator, insurer or broker, or government entity, we have the solutions for you. We support our clients at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

“I wanted to provide my team training opportunities that would help expand their skill set. I was able to accomplish that with TrainingToday. I saw an immediate positive impact within the team. Employees were completing 3–4 training modules a week and were rapidly expanding their individual skill sets.”


Marlon, Director of Facilities | TrainingToday subscriber

User-friendly very informative. EHS Hero allows a place to store a lot of information for future use or review of past incidents


Bill, Compliance/EHS Specialist | EHS Hero subscriber

"We struggled to find courses and suitable training times that worked for all employees. You can do your research, but BLR is the way to go. TrainingToday’s courses are comprehensive, and you get them for a reasonable price. Price and the course materials available really sold me on TrainingToday."


Kelly, Director of Human Resources | TrainingToday subscriber

“HSE Knowledge is extremely helpful. The training materials offered are up-to-date, relevant, and easily accessible. That EHS Hero has created a site-specific safety module for Municipalities. I received inquiries from competitors, but it didn't flow as well."


Jeff, Employee Safety Manager | EHS Hero subscriber

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