Create a culture of safety within your organization

EHS Hero® can help you directly influence the culture of your company and the safety of your people. EHS Hero’s ability to get your team engaged in safety and keep your culture on track is unrivaled, and it will free up your time to focus on what really matters: your people.

We have the tools to help you with:
Risk Assessment
Safety Training
Incident Tracking
Plan Building
Compliance Monitoring

I needed better employee safety training and had a difficult time finding it until EHS Hero. What stood out to me was EHS Hero’s vast selection of general industry content. If you’re looking into EHS Hero, just get it! You won’t regret it!  

Michelle Bourke , Health Safety Environmental Specialist, Liva Nova

I was spending way too much time researching safety topics and needed a more comprehensive safety resources that provided quality training methods. EHS Hero offers comprehensive subject matter and is easy to use. EHS Hero will make your life and job so much easier – I couldn’t be more pleased. 

Jlynn Franck, Human Resources Manager, BUSE Timber & Sales, Inc. 

EHS Hero was a game-changer. Before EHS Hero, I had a lot of outdated, ineffectual safety training materials. What ultimately sold me was a large amount of content available and how easy EHS Hero was to use.  

Steve Fischer, Corporate EHS Manager, Herff Jones