Mitigate risk, optimize workflows

Information that gives actionable insights into risk and safety

Your organization is unique, and as such, it deserves a suite of tools that not only help meet current goals but also aid in future organizational growth and development. The Audit suite of tools allows you to meet your existing standards while providing invaluable insights into potential areas of improvement, both known and unknown.  

Tools in Audit Suite

  • Audit Management: Stay on top of all your sites with the ideal audit management software system. Upload and store audits from the field, or create your own with the audit software's unique capabilities. 

  • Permit Management: Ensure employees are qualified for hot work, confined spaces, and other hazardous conditions. 

  • Risk Assessment: Easily measure and track risk associated with different areas of your organization, and determine where improvements should be made. 

  • Confined Space Management: Protect workers and reduce the possibility of accidents in hazardous environments not designed for human presence. 


An extra set of hands, the Virtual Assistant (VA) automates manual workflows through reminder notifications and auto task assignment. The VA keeps a pulse on your company's EHS health while ensuring employee accountability.
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