Safety & Training
Management Made Easy

The straightforward solutions you need to manage all things EHS and employee training.

Most EHS and Training Managers

  • Have great systems
  • Have great processes in place
  • Have outdated tools to manage them

Having the wrong tools can mean hours, days, or even more time is spent managing content or action items and finding answers to the complex questions that come with the job. EHS Hero and TrainingToday can do this work for you. Saving you massive amounts of time, give you the content you need, and provide you with the answers to your unique problems.

EHS Hero & TrainingToday come equipped with

  • Actionable content
  • Intuitive tools
  • Simplified compliance

EHS Hero was designed specifically to save you time, simplify your job, and enhance the results your EHS program is already getting.

“EHS Hero will make your life and job so much easier – I couldn’t be more pleased.”

- Jlynn Francke, Human Resources Manager

BUSE Timber & Sales, Inc. 

With EHS Hero and TrainingToday combined you can move the needle in your organization and further invest in what really matters: your people.


Client Reviews

See what our subscribers have to say!

"Having a solid learning system such as EHS Hero in place during the onboarding process is essential and has brought value to the organization. The ease of instructing, the various means in which you can deliver and present the material. It does not take a safety professional and one having vast knowledge in the OSHA standards to conduct the training." - Steve Fischer, Corporate EHS Manager, Herff Jones

"If you’re looking into EHS Hero, just get it! You won’t regret it!"

-Michelle Bourke, HSE Specialist, Liva Nova

"EHS Hero was a game-changer. Before EHS Hero, I had a lot of outdated, ineffectual safety training materials. What ultimately sold me was the large amount of content available and how easy EHS Hero was to use."

- Jeffery Voorhies, EHS Engineer, North American Fuel Systems

"I was spending way too much time researching safety topics and needed a more comprehensive safety resources that provided quality training methods. EHS Hero offers comprehensive subject matter and is easy to use. EHS Hero will make your life and job so much easier – I couldn’t be more pleased."

- Jlynn Francke, Human Resource Manager, BUSE Timber & Sales, Inc.

"If I didn’t have TrainingToday, it would take me five days to come up with and prepare for training. With TrainingToday, I have programs ready to go with training handouts printed beforehand. We saw a night and day difference in warehouse safety."

- Eric Hintz, Safety Manager, Kunafood Service

"TrainingToday, aside from helping us stay compliant, helps us deliver all the information that our supervisors need."

- Marina Berrios, Able Services

"Before TrainingToday we didn’t have employee training. We needed to bring awareness to specific training topics, ensure trainees understood the content, and how it would be included in Dimeo’s company culture. We are a construction management company, and our field employees sometimes struggle to find time to take the training. This problem was remedied with TrainingToday. Now each employee has the ability to take training at their leisure, and they could also pause training and return to it later if needed. If you’re considering TrainignToday, it’s worth it." 

- Julia Hall, Community Compliance Coordinator, Dimeo Construction Company

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