EHS Program Pillars

EHS Hero is foundational to a strong EHS program and the solution you need to manage all things EHS. Move the needle in your organization and invest in what really matters: your people.


Actionable Information

Know the regulatory requirements, and make educated decisions

Knowing the regulations and how to best apply them can be difficult, especially when you don’t have a single source of truth for regulatory information. The good news is that this suite of tools will help you know that you are making the right decisions to move your organization forward.

Reporting at its finest

An EHS program is only as good as the data associated with it

Knowing what and when to report can be frustrating. Ease that frustration with the reporting suite of tools that will work you through exactly what you need to do. These tools pull together all the resources you need to meet compliance requirements and to gather leading and lagging indicators associated with your EHS program. 

Mitigate risk, optimize workflows

Information that gives actionable insights into risk and safety

Your organization is unique, and as such, it deserves a suite of tools that not only help meet current goals but also aid in future organizational growth and development. The Audit suite of tools allows you to meet your existing standards while providing invaluable insights into potential areas of improvement, both known and unknown.  

Plan for the future

Planned, prepped, and ready for implementation

Good plans can take a long time to develop, which is why we have taken the first step by supplying the tools you need to kick-start your organization’s EHS program. Use the best practices provided to know your organization’s program is starting out on the right foot. 

Training simplified

Drive awareness of industry best practices, and achieve compliance

Training is an integral part of company culture and EHS planning. That’s why we packaged a comprehensive training suite complete with relevant and timely training modules delivered through an intuitive training management system. Take the first step in employee safety by educating your people with this suite of tools! 

Management differentiators

Meet and exceed regulatory and company standards

Even the best managers can trip up when using inferior tools and cumbersome workflows during program implementation and optimization. The management suite of tools offers everything you need to manage internal workflows, documents, and processes to ensure compliance and organizational consistency. Rest assured that these tools will keep your people accountable and engaged with your EHS program. 

All Tools Above Powered by the Virtual Assistant

We’ll cover the admin duties so you can focus on what’s important

Not everyone has time for data entry and menial EHS tasks, and not everyone wants to! This suite of tools will be your extra set of hands, automating all the little tasks and reminders associated with EHS and compliance and allowing you to stay on top of your organization’s EHS health without putting all the extra work in. 

"What ultimately sold me was the large amount of content available and how easy EHS Hero was to use."

- Jeffery Voorhies, EHS Engineer, North American Fuel System