Pillars of Training Success

TrainingToday keeps your employees in-the-know on the latest in industry best practices and regulatory compliance. It's the workforce training solution you need to manage all things training.

Actionable Content

Engaging and interactive training content for all things EHS

We deliver 700+ eLearning courses with topics ranging from employment law and workplace safety to employee wellness and diversity training. All of our courses are interactive to keep learners engaged. We include videos, scenarios, knowledge checks, and assessments to keep learners focused and on point.

In-House Expertise

EHS training is only successful when created by the best

Our eLearning course content is created and curated by our in-house subject matter experts. Our SME’s provide learners with concrete examples and visual images that help to increase the overall effectiveness of their training. In fact, our team has skillfully been creating training and development materials for well over 40 years!.

Learner Experience

Our new and improved LMS provides users with a unique training experience

Our LMS provides learners with a sleek dashboard and intuitive interface so they know exactly which courses are assigned to them, in progress, or already taken. We’ve taken the guesswork out of training and positioned it front and center. Our gamification features keep learners motivated, engaged, and coming back for more!

Powerful Admin Tools

To keep pace with the trainings, your teams are completing

Not only does our LMS have all of the most sought after bells and whistles, but they’re also super easy to use. Admin users can swiftly upload learners, create groups, assign courses, develop customized learning paths, and easily create reports to stay on top of learner metrics and critical learning objectives.

Customer Experience

Our teams help guide you from the start to ensure success

Unlike some LMS vendors, we truly strive to make your customer experience exceptional. From our very first meeting, to implementation and beyond, we act as an extension of your L&D team with the goal of helping you train and develop your employees to meet your strategic objectives.


Already have an LMS? No worries!

Looking for just eLearning courses? All eLearning courses are not created equal. Whether you choose to use our LMS, or prefer to use your own, we guarantee you that our eLearning courses are SCORM compliant and can be easily integrated into your existing platform.

Interested in customized training content? Get in touch with a one of our Training architects

We’ll take a white gloved approach to take care of your training needs

Not all training is created the same. With our high quality course content developed by our in-house SME's we have the ability to provide you with customized training content to fit your specific training needs. Take your EHS safety training to the next level with content from TrainingToday.  

"TrainingToday provides us with the safety training we need for OSHA compliance and customer safety. The managers ability to send out a variety of training topics to employees and how easy it was to use were the two things that really stood out to me. I also appreciate the availability of updated safety training topics, like the COVID training, which was available quickly. I would recommend TrainingToday."

- Erin Bosca, Human Resources Manager, EMAG LLC