Employee Handbook Builder

Crafting, revising, and managing an employee handbook may present challenges and expenses, potentially leading to avoidable risks when outdated. BLR's Employee Handbook Builder offers a solution that not only conserves employers' time and finances but also ensures peace of mind by keeping your handbook aligned with the constantly evolving landscape of employment policies.

Create, update and maintain handbooks in a fraction of the time

The Employee Handbook Builder offers an intuitive and user-friendly approach, simplifying the development and upkeep of a customized employee handbook. It tackles policy revisions, ensures legal adherence, and enhances clarity regarding company culture, catering to businesses irrespective of their scale. Featuring an easy-to-use interface and a guided process, this adaptable tool facilitates the creation of well-organized handbooks, accommodating organizational evolution and transitions. Its versatility fosters a conducive and efficient work atmosphere, promoting positivity and productivity among employees.


The cornerstone of a legally compliant workplace

Reap the benefits of a legally compliant handbook

✓ Provide legal protection
✓ Set clear expectations
​✓ Simplify handbook creation and maintenance
​✓ Minimize your liability 
​✓ Manage mulitple handbooks
✓ Foster an aligned culture

Crafted to meet all compliance standards 

Throughout the process, constructing employee handbooks has become a seamless endeavor for HR professionals, enabling them to effortlessly create, distribute, and uphold compliant handbooks spanning multiple states.

✓ Step-by-step guidance
✓ Policy change notifications
​✓ Configurable system features
✓ Intuitive policy selection
​✓ In-tool explanations
✓ Trackable changes


Bid farewell to HR challenges with our handbook builder

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